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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goodbye Bikely

In addition to being really into bikes, I'm a pretty big nerd, and as such, I feel the need to map out many of the longer rides I take. While there's certainly a practical aspect to being able to bring a map and cue sheet out with you on a ride, there's also a less tangible feeling of satisfaction that washes over me upon seeing a recently-completed map. I imagine that it's the same sort of feeling that people with OCD get after they re-arrange their sock drawers.

I used to use bikely.com for most of my bike mapping needs. It had a lot of things going for it:
  • Ability to build cue sheets
  • Sharing/searching/commenting of routes compiled by others
  • Elevation data (soooooo helpful)
  • Relatively clean and simple interface
  • Small amounts of advertising
  • Import/export of .gpx files (a device-independent GPS file format)
In short, it was a great site, and I used it often. I use the past tense however, because bikely.com seems to suck now. In fact, it sucks hard. From what I've been able to gather, it was taken over by BikeRadar.com, and hacked into a portion of their site. I'm not sure what the deal is, but the new team in charge seems to be putting bikely out to pasture. The site often responds to requests with nothing more than a blank page, leaving you to hit "refresh" over and over, hoping that you hit it lucky enough to actually get served an actual page. It's infuriating, so say the least. It seems to be better during "non-peak" hours here in the US, but who wants to wait until the evening to use a website?

So, now the hunt begins to find a new source for my bike mappings needs. There are a million different sites that serve to fill this niche, but I'm picky (even more so when it comes to websites/software), so most of them seem to come up short in some critcal area for me. There are some that come pretty close though:
I have small issues with each one, and maybe someday, I'll get the rust off of my Javascript skills, and implement a site of my own. I'm too busy for that, but you never know.....


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  1. Have you tried www.ridewithgps.com? I personally think it is a way better site than any of the others right now. (Except for route editing, which still seems to need some work) but they update pretty often so I assume they'll have route editing improved before too long.