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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hacking a mudflap

While nowhere near as cool as some of the coroplast creations (fenders, panniers, and even handlebar bags) that I've seen, courtesy of Kent Peterson, I thought it might be cool to try making a mudflap out of an old detergent bottle that I dug out of my recycling.

Here in the PNW, fenders are pretty much a necessity for any useful bike, and a mud flap is a necessity if you plan on riding said bike in the rain with other people behind you. After spending a few rides in the rain behind someone without a proper mudflap, you begin to understand...

Anyways, I'd constructed a mudflap out of a piece of the once-ubiquitous mouse pad, but it had a few shortcomings (namely, it sometimes got sucked up between my tire and fender after hitting a sharp bump or hole in the road), so I decided to try a chunk of detergent bottle. Here's what I used:
  • razor knife
  • scissors
  • detergent bottle
  • adhesive-back velcro strips

Detergent bottle and knife in hand, I started hacking away:

Once I got it down to size, I threw a strip of velcro on the back, and was ready to go:

I think I might throw a coat of black spray paint on it, just so it matches any bike I put it on.

Some people might scoff at using velcro to attach the mudflap to the fender, but I've found that it holds surprisingly well. Plus, I don't have to drill any holes in my fenders, and when I inevitably come up with a better flap, it's an easy switch.


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