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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dialing in the Mercian

Oooooohhh man, where do I start? I've been riding my new Mercian for about a week now, tweaking things here and there, and just generally getting it dialed in. I snapped these pics yesterday, after I finished getting the Honjo fenders on.**

It's the smoothest, snappiest bike I've ever ridden. No joke. I've been over-joyed with the way the bike fits, handles, and rides. Everything has come together really nicely, and the finished bike has gotten me lots of compliments, from cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

So far, I've gotten along pretty well with the 53x39 chainrings and the 12-25 cassette, since I normally ride with a lower cadence and taller gear than most. It feels wrong to not have a lower gear than 39x25 in a place as hilly as Seattle though. We'll see how I feel after taking a longer, hillier ride. I've got some other Campy cogs that I can swap out if need be.

My only real complaint is that Mercian screwed up and only put on one set of water-bottle braze-ons, when I requested 2. Sigh.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words, especially when they're pictures of such a handsome bike:

** Honjos, and their ilk, are the biggest pains-in-the-ass to install. They require tons of time, tools, and tweaking, and then they make you worried about bumping your bike into stuff once they're on. And did I mention they're gorgeous, sturdy, and complementary to the look of certain bikes in a way that no other fender could be? Despite the setup pain, they're fantastic fenders, and really high quality. Just don't ask me for help putting them on......


  1. How long did it take to get yours? I ordered a Strada Speciale at the end of May and I'm about to explode, I'm so excited and impatient...

  2. It took almost exactly 5 months from the date of order. (5 months plus a week). I'm not sure how much of that was shipping time, since I didn't get a FedEx tracking number when it shipped.

    I definitely feel your pain, but congrats on the order! If your experience is anything like mine, it'll be completely worth it.

  3. I can't wait—yours is gorgeous!

  4. Wow, did you bring it up to Mercian that they forgot the braze-ons? If so, what did they say?

  5. Nah, I didn't bring it up, but I should have. I actually just got some of the bottle cage clamps from Velo-Orange for the second cage. It's worked out pretty well for over a year now.

    Funny, the bike looks different in these pictures. I've made a bunch of tweaks since then.

  6. Thanks, your bike is beautiful. I'm considering ordering a custom from them and have been searching Google to find people's experiences.

  7. I know it's been awhile, but maybe you can use the forgotten braze-ons to your advantage; you can stick a Topeak or Zefal frame pump onto the seat tube. You wouldn't be able to with the second set of braze-ons.