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Monday, August 24, 2009

Rivendell Road Bike!?!

Looks like the rumors were true: Rivendell is putting out a bona-fide road bike, albeit with some Grant Petersen must-haves.

The bike's called the Roadeo (har, har), and has a lot of the "practical road bike" features that I made sure my Mercian had. In fact, both bikes have:
- Lugged, steel, non-oversized tubing
- 1" headset
- Clearance for 28C tires w/ fenders
- 47-57mm reach brakes
- longer chainstays than the average roadie
I've been super-happy with the way my Mercian turned out, and if I didn't already have it, I'd be looking closely at this new Rivendell.
Way more info here.

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