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Monday, August 31, 2009

Traitor Cycles, and a new CX series

In more new bike news, I saw on the Traitor Cycles blog the other day that their prototype single-speed cyclocross frame is getting closer to being a reality. If I could describe it in 2 words, they would have to be: "I want".

If I didn't already have a steel, single-speed, CX bike that accepts fenders, then maaaaybe I could justify it. The dropouts in particular look awesome; they take the typical chain-tensioner one step further, by actually capturing the axle, allowing you to adjust the whole shebang fore and aft. They're also working on a CX-specific, single-speed freehub for it that looks really nice. The only downside, in my opinion is the carbon fork, but I might just be more curmudgeonly than most.

Check out the details here.

Anyways, the bike looks awesome, and I can't wait to see how it goes over once it goes on sale. Who knows, maybe I'll see one this CX season, in the MFG series that I'm going to do.

(full disclosure: I'm friends with one of the guys that runs Traitor, but seriously, even if I wasn't, you have to admit they make some sweet bikes)

Speaking of the MFG series, I have to say I'm getting more and more excited for the start of CX season in Seattle. The first race is on Sept 13th in Kirkland. A friend and I (and any other friends I can convince) are going to try out the series and hopefully have a blast. I raced in my first CX race toward the end of last season, and didn't do as horribly as I thought (I rode my SS in the Cat4 race, and got 13th out of 18), and I guess you could say I "caught the bug".

I'm not really counting on placing very well, or discovering a new career as a "racer", I'm just going to get out there and have some fun with it. As my friend Mike says: "It's a bunch of guys in spandex, riding road bikes through the mud. How serious can you be?"


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