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Monday, September 28, 2009

Honjo fender fixes

Let me start this post by saying that I'm a huge fan of Honjo fenders.  As I've said before, they're amazing, but a huge PITA to install and dial in.

I'd bought a set of the extra-long, 36mm width Honjos from Velo Orange for the Mercian, and I loved the extra coverage that the fenders had.  I probably don't even need to worry about a mudflap with these fenders, the coverage is so good.  We'll see.

The only problem was that the front-most portion of the front fender rattled and vibrated whenever I rode on rough surfaces like a bumpy or chip-sealed road.  And riding with one hand off the bars (whether drinking water or signaling, or whatever else) made the problem waaay worse.  The Mercian has a fender boss under the fork crown, and I'd tried all sort of mounting setups: rubber washers, metal washers, different bolts, etc to no avail.

Since the read fender has 3 mounting points (chainstay bridge, seatstay bridge, and fender stay), it was rock solid.  The front fender only has 2 mounting points (fender stay and fork crown boss), and it obviously wasn't enough to keep the entire thing steady.

I spent a bunch of time googling around, but I didn't really find a whole lot of useful information about this problem.  I wasn't ready to commit to having a Nitto-style rack on the front, just to get the extra fender-mount that those racks provide.  Finally, after seeing this post on the wonderful Cycling Spokane blog, I decided I would just add an extra stay to the front fender.  I also found a few images of some sweet bikes that had extra fender stays on the front, and they looked good:

(image courtesy of Vintage Bicycle Press)

Since I only had one set of eyelets on the fork, it was a little challenging, but I was able to mount both stays on the one eyelet.  I put an r-clip on the outside of the fork as usual, and another r-clip on the inside, with a Nylock nut to hold it on to the long hex bolt that I used.

Here's a crappy picture of what I'm talking about:

Turned out pretty good I think:

As soon as I took the first ride after getting it all set up, I knew I'd done the right thing.  Vibration gone, rattling gone.  Hopefully by putting this online, it'll be found by the next person who encounters the same issue.  I know not everyone that buys these extra-long fenders has a front rack with a fender mount to keep the front fender steady.


  1. Great idea and execution, thanks for sharing! Gives me one more idea to ponder. Now I'm wondering if a hub generator light mounted to the front fender stay would work...

  2. Thanks! Great solution. I was having the exact same problem.

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