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Thursday, October 08, 2009


Like every 10-year old kid, I had a BMX bike growing up, but I never actually rode BMX on it.  Although I did take it off some pretty sweet jumps.  There were lots of makeshift "tracks" in Spokane, built in vacant lots and in parks that provided countless hours of entertainment.  One of my favorites was one that everybody called "Pizza Slut", because it was situated behind a Pizza Hut, and well.....we weren't very creative.  There were some jumps, a berm or two, and some shitty ramps made out of wood and pallets and the like.  I remember one infamous day I was trying to show off for my then-girlfriend by getting some sweet airtime on one of the jumps, and I ended up slamming my face into the dirt pretty hard, earning me the nickname "Hamburger Face" for the next few weeks while I healed.

On my way back from Crosstoberfest the other day, I rode by the legit BMX track out at North SeaTac park, and just HAD to ride it a few times on my 'cross bike:

I have a friend that races BMX out here on a regular basis, and I'd love to come watch him race sometime.  I hear he's actually kind of a big deal.

I'm way to much of a weenie now to try getting any air on the jumps, but I'm okay with that.  I wish my 10-year old self could have ridden this same track.  I'm sure that "Hamburger Face" would have faired pretty well.


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