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Monday, November 02, 2009

SSCXWC '09: The last race before the single speed cyclocross apocalypse

I've gone and done it.  I am officially registered for the SSCXWC (Single Speed Cyclocross "World Championships") in Portland next weekend.

I put the "World Championship" part in ironic air quotes because it's not like this race is sanctioned by any sort of cycling association that would have the authority to make it a real championship.  Nope, it's the World Championship because they say it is.  And that's really all that matters isn't it?  Shit, that's the only reason a middling Cat4 bike jerk like myself would even be allowed anywhere near an event like this.

My buddy Joe from Traitor Cycles will be along as well, and sporting one of Traitor's rad new SSCX bikes, and hopefully still sporting his sweet new 'stache (which I think looks absolutely timeless and classy):

I will go to Portland.  I will eat some of the West Coast's best pizza. I will drink delicious beer.  I will race. I will, in all likelihood, finish near last, just ahead of all the people who are still drunk from the night before, and just behind all the people with actual talent.  But you know, it's not really going to be about racing per se, but more about just being a part of an event that is obviously so over-the-top in its awesomeness, that its motto is:"The last race before the single speed cyclocross apocalypse".

In any case, I'll be sure to write up something about the race when I get back.  It will pale in comparison to BikeSnobNYC's account of the SSWC in Durango (which is a similar event, but with riders on the much-inferior "mountain bike"), but hopefully it'll be something entertaining enough to keep your attention for a few minutes.

If you've managed to read this far, I'll leave you with one of my favorite 'cross videos to date, from last year's SSCXWC:



  1. That looks pretty awesome. I am excited for the 15th.

    Ride like the wind. Oh, and will you be wearing a costume?

  2. I'm thinking that a costume might be in order. I could recycle the lumberjack costume that I wore this weekend (pictures of it from the Halloween race are forthcoming).