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Friday, November 13, 2009

Yet another mudflap

I've gone through several different mudflaps over the years, and I've always either had them fall off, or be somehow unsatisfactory.  Despite my previous claim to the contrary, I now know that velcro is not enough to hold on a decent-sized mudflap.

Now that election season is over (hooray for Mike McGinn and Referendum 71!), it's the perfect time to get lots of free coroplast plastic, in the form of the election yard signs that are posted at almost every intersection and public gathering place.  Kent Peterson is known around these parts for making all sorts of bike stuff out of this amazingly abundant and versatile material, and you can do some pretty elaborate stuff with it if you're inclined, but I just wanted to make a simple, yet sturdy mudflap.  It's essential if you want to ride through a Seattle winter.

I cut out a shape that was much bigger than what I needed, then trimmed it up until I felt like it was a good size.  I wanted really good coverage, almost down to the ground, so that no one has to suffer if they're riding behind me this winter.  I drilled a few small holes in my SKS fenders, threw a couple of nuts, bolts, and washers that I had laying around through the fender and the mudflap, and topped it off with a little Loctite to keep things from vibrating loose.  Total time: less than an hour.

So far, so good.  Hopefully, this is the mudflap to end all other inferior mudflaps.


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