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Monday, December 07, 2009

Cold Weather Riding

Went for a quick spin with the lady yesterday despite the fact that it was brutally cold.  The weather report said it was 33 degrees, 20 with the wind chill.  After about an hour's worth of riding, as the feeling in my feet began to disappear, I would have believed you if you said it was even colder than that.

I took the Mercian, and G took her still relatively-newish Rivendell Hillborne.  In preparation for my plan to start riding longer rides with the Seattle Randonneurs in January, I'm still dialing in my cold-weather riding gear.  I still have a ways to go with the feet, as they tend to get numb pretty quickly in this sort of weather.  I've got a new set of heavier wool socks than I usually wear to try out, since my two layers of socks didn't work on this ride.  It's been interesting to discover the shortcomings of clothes that perform perfectly well on both my daily commute and shorter rides.

The obligatory I-90 tunnel entrance shot:

Hope you're staying warm wherever you're riding.



  1. Hey, I might want to do the Populaire in February. Depends on if I can get off my ass and start riding to work more often. Stay tuned.

  2. You guys should definitely hit up the Populaire. They are always really well attended and a lot of fun.

    As far as your feet, everyone is different, but thicker wool socks is a good start. I find that I need to keep my core warmer than is comfortable in order to keep my limbs relatively warm. Sometimes that means sweating a bit more up a hill, but I can usually regulate that with some good zipper timing. Good luck.

  3. Yeah, I got some nice, thick wool socks for Xmas that have proven to work much better than what I had. That, and the ever-dorky shoe covers.

    Thanks for the tips, and keep up the blogging! I read your stuff regularly.


  4. Thanks!
    I found your site from my Google Analytics. Don't be afraid to drop a comment here or there (assuming you don't already(?)).

    I'm liking what I see here so far. Keep it up.