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Thursday, December 17, 2009


A friend just sent me this video along with the message:
"We should get in on this before the hipsters....RAD BALL!"
I think he saw it a while back on Bike Forums.  Anyway, it was waaaaay too good to not pass along (make sure you have the audio on, in order to get the full effect):

Of course, the Germans dominate this sport, as explained in the following video, which is much more informative, yet lacks the Iron Maiden soundtrack:

I say forget bike polo, Seattle needs a Radball team, ASAP.



  1. You got me interested. I can do zero tricks though, so...

  2. Yeah, there are lots of reasons I would make a horrible radball/cycleball player:

    - I don't live in Germany
    - I'm a horrible fixie rider
    - My lady wouldn't let me drag another bike home