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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bike thieves suck, but bike pile thieves suck even more

I was sad to see an email go out on one of my neighborhood's email lists that contain this bit of information from Bike Works:
Dear Friends, We are sad to report that over the last few weeks donated bikes have been stolen from the yard behind Bike Works. The stolen bicycles were destined to be put back into the community in May at this year’s Kids’ Bike Swap. We lost a large pile of bikes – an estimated $1,500 value – that have been worked on since September during our volunteer repair nights and youth Earn-a-Bike classes and drop-in hours. With the KBS now just 4 months away, this is a big setback for us. We are reaching out to our community to help! Most of the bikes that were stolen were “adult” sized bikes for older youth. (These bikes are harder for us to collect, take longer to fix, and are worth more money.) In the next three months, we hope to build our pile of bikes back up to what it was! Here is what we need:
  • Good condition adult bikes - smaller mountain bikes (26” wheels) and road bikes (700 cm. wheels) especially
  • Good condition 24” wheeled bikes. To donate a bike, email Donald at recycling@bikeworks.org or call our shop during business hours at 206.725.9408 x3
  • Volunteers who can repair bikes – specifically volunteers with shop level mechanic expertise. If you are interested in repairing bikes, contact Davey at volunteers@bikeworks.org or 206.725.9408 x2
  • Any other donation (monetary or material) that can help us offset our loss. To donate to Bike Works, click here

Anytime someone's bike (or LARGE PILE OF BIKES as is the case here) it sucks.  However, this incident sucks even more since Bike Works is a great non-profit organization that does a lot to help more people get on bikes affordably.  They do repair classes, programs with underserved communities and youth, sell affordable refurbished bikes, and run a small repair shop.  Bike nerds probably also know that it's shop is the current home of Seattle biking legend Kent Peterson.

I've got an decent older, lugged road frame/fork that's too small for me collecting dust in my basement that I'm going to have to drop off down there.  If you're in/near the Seattle area and you've got some suitable bike stuff sitting in your basement or garage (and really, if you're reading this blog, chances are you fit both those criteria), you might consider doing the same.

On a related note, some neighbors of mine had two bikes stolen this weekend out of their front yard.  Ugh.  Someone, somewhere is sitting on a huge pile of pilfered bikes.

Keep your bikes close at hand,

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