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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bike Swap Deals

The annual Cascade Bike Swap happened this morning down at Magnuson Park.  There's always a huuuge crowd of people who line up early, waiting to get in and snag all the good deals, but this year seemed even more busy.  The line was insane, and once inside the hanger, it was just about shoulder-to-shoulder.

I did end finding some pretty sweet stuff though, and I snagged it for prices that would make even eBay blush:

A pair of nice Shimano aero levers, a pair of Shimano 9sp bar-end shifters, some of the cool old Suntour micro-ratchet bar-end shifters, and a brand-new 105 rear derailleur.

I've got some of these parts designated for a new-to-me bike I'm throwing together (more on that later).

UPDATE:  Since I saved so much money by buying cheap bike parts at the swap, I decided it would be a good idea to lose my wallet (with the rest of my cash in it) that night.  I guess I came out even.

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