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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

SIR Spring Populaire

SIR held their Spring Populaire last Sunday, starting and ending down in Renton.  In short, the ride was great, the weather was great, and the company was great.

I rode down to the start, which was only about 7 miles from my house, and got the legs all warmed up.  Someone was nice enough to supply coffee and donuts at the start, and I got there with plenty of time to have a little coffee and survey the massive amounts of bike porn that lay in front of me.  There were plenty of people there (my guess is 75-100), probably due in part to the great weather, and some of the randos there had really impressive rides.

After having done my last couple of 200K permanents solo, it was nice to get out and ride in a group again.  Some friendly banter really makes the kilometers fly by, not to mention the fact that you don't have to scrutinize the cue sheet all day when you're in a group (as long as 1 person knows where the hell they're going!).  Everyone I met along the ride was incredibly friendly, and happy to be out on such a nice day.  I met a couple of folks who I either knew through the blogosphere or vice versa, and ended up doing a large chunk of the ride alongside Dan Boxer, and a guy named Andy (??).

We route took us up climbs on Cougar Mountain (by way of Montreaux Hill) and Tiger Mountain, with some other assorted climbs thrown in for good measure.  My legs felt good that day, but I had to hustle up some of the hills to keep pace with the small group I found myself in.  It was challenging, but I kept reminding myself that "it's only 100K today, not 200".

Speaking of the hills, I love the way that Kent Peterson described Montreaux Hill a while back on his blog:
"The Montreux climb is a piece of cake..... A piece of stale cake that lodges in your throat and threatens to cut off all oxygen. "
When all was said and done, I finished a few minutes over 4 hours, which felt fast for me, given the terrain.  The real moment of satisfaction though, came in the form of a cold, delicious, post-ride beer at the Dog and Pony Alehouse (which had a pretty damn good tap selection).  I'm really excited to get back on the road with many of the same riders in a few weeks for the Chili Feed 200K.

A few other good ride reports (including pictures!!) are here and here and here.


  1. If he was whistling, it was probably Andy Speier. He is a hell of a nice guy and can chat for DAYS.

    Great to meet you finally.

  2. Yeah, it was that Andy. And yes, he can carry on a conversation. It was great though, the kilometers just melted away without me noticing!

    Nice to meet you too. I saw that you're signed up for the Chili Feed 200K, so I'll probably see you there.

  3. It was fun riding together Dylan. Kent's comment says it all. Not only is the climb challenging, but it's through a tony McMansion development all the way up. Not the most inspiring scenery. Definitely a good training hill, however.

    I thought you pulled out ahead of Andy and I when his joke turned crude, but it was more likely that my legs were pretty cooked and Andy felt like chatting. I always enjoy Andy's humor, good nature and storytelling abilities on brevets. There's nothing being kept awake and alert by Andy Speier chatting away while climbing Whte Pass at 11pm and then the whistling descents. Good times!

  4. Yeah, the joke had nothing to do with it (I'm not easily offended), I really just had to get up that hill at my own pace. Sometimes I like to hustle up a hill, just to get it over with.

    I was wondering how he was able to whistle at 60kph down a hill! I have a hard enough time keeping the tears out of my eyes with all that wind.

    See you on the road!