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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Starcrossed 2010: Bigger, badder, muddier-er

If you're at all familiar with NW cyclocross, then you've no doubt heard of Starcrossed. The first twilight CX race in the country seems to bring bigger fields and bigger names every year, and this year was no exception.

This was my first year actually racing in Starcrosssed, but after being a part of the entire extravaganza, it certainly won't be my last.  The lowly Cat 4s don't actually race under the lights like the big boys do, but it's a pretty spectacular race nonetheless.  It's all centered around the velodrome at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Tons of spectators crowd the beer garden (positioned in the middle of the velodrome infield for maximum spectating), as well as the twists and turns that wind in and out of the velodrome.  More spectators = more fun racing.

The race went pretty well for me, although I blew up a little earlier into the 45 minute race than I would have liked.  Once again, I got passed by a couple guys that had more left in the tank than I did towards the end of the bell lap.  I ended up placing 24th out of 70 or so riders, so it was still a decent day on the bike.

After the sun went down and the lights came on, the Elite riders came out to play.  The course had been getting more and more torn up throughout the day, and the rain came just in time for the UCI Elite Men's race.  Ryan Trebon, Jonathan Page,  and Barry "Wicknasty" Wicks were just a few of the big names that made it out for the race.  Christian Heule and Francis Mourey (the French national cyclocross champion) were among the Euro pros that began their season in Seattle this year.

Trebon and Heule over the logs
Barry Wicks is so tall, he doesn't fit in my photos

The race began with Francis Mourey opening up a pretty huge gap on the rest of the field.  Eventually, Ryan Trebon was able to claw his way up to Mourey, and the rest of the race saw the two of them fighting it out.  Mourey clung to Trebon's wheel lap after lap, obviously waiting to attack right at the end.  The attack came sometime while they were out of my view, but in the end, Mourey prevailed.

The finish (photo by Joe Sales)
It was a great night (as long as you had good rain gear) to watch some fantastic bike racing, and the Starcrossed venue lent itself well to actually seeing various sections of the race without having to schlep all over the place.  It's probably a good thing that I planned on getting up early the next day to race the Rad Racing GP, otherwise I might have stayed up way too late indulging in the requisite post-race beers.

The elusive double-headed poncho monster.  Photo by bunnyhawk

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