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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A cyclocross-specific park in King County!?!?!

I just got an email via the WSBA list from Terry Buchanan (more commonly known as one of the dudes who organizes the awesome MFG Cyclocross series here in Seattle).  I almost peed in my pants a tiny bit when I read his message:
CX Community,

King County Parks has approached us about the possibility of developing a
cyclocross specific course/park on county owned land. They have asked us to
outreach to the cyclocross community to gather information on interest in
and preferences for such a park. We would greatly appreciate you completing
the following survey to help guide the investigation of developing a
cyclocross specific course/park on King County owned land,
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/x8v5cgq. We will be collecting response until
2/2/11. Please only respond one time. Thank you for your input.

Take Care,

Terry Buchanan
Low Pressure Promotions, LLC
How awesome would it be to have a permanent CX course/park somewhere around town?  People seem pretty used to the idea of MTB-specific parks now (I-5 Colonnade, Duthie Hill, etc. etc.), and with cyclocross exploding in popularity season after season, this seems like a logical (and highly exciting) conclusion.  I've seen how glacially slow ideas and proposals can make their way through the city and county bureaucracies, so I'm not getting my hopes up or anything, but this would be an amazing addition to the cycling amenities of the city/county.

If you think this is a rad idea (and really, if you're reading this, why wouldn't you?) then hit up the link in Terry's message and fill out the survey.

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