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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sneak a peek at my flèche

Just when you thought you had all the rules of randonneuring figured out, along comes the flèche.

Those crazy Frenchmen of yore designed a team ride, typically held on or near Easter weekend, that consists of mind-boggling array of crazy rules and regulations, the important ones being:
  • Riders must be part of a team, consisting of 3-5 members (tandems count as one member)
  • Teams all head to a common destination from various start locations
  • Routes must be greater than 360km
  • The entire ride takes place over 24 hours
  • No rest stop can exceed 2 hours
  • No drafting or supporting anyone except members of your own flèche team.
  • At least 25km must be ridden in the final 2 hours 
In other words: 
  • Ride all day and all night with your friends. 
  • Don't stop to sleep. 
  • Ride really far.
  • Meet up with other teams to talk about how awesome it all was.
I've been looking forward to this ride for quite a while now. My team (the Flèche Eating Zombies) will be riding from noon on Friday to noon on Saturday over a fantastic route of about 430km designed by Joshua Bryant. We'll start in Portland, ride up the Oregon coast, over the Astoria Bridge into Washington, and on up to Olympia, riding as many backroads and hitting as many scenic points as possible:

I'm really looking forward to riding through the entire night and into the next day.  I'll try my best to overcome my shitty-photo taking habits in the hopes that I can capture some of the awesomeness that we're sure to encounter.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I like that the last 25KM have to be ridden in the final 2 hours, like "Oh, you may be tired and your legs are burning up...but GO GO GO!"

    Crazy French.